Football fans around the world know about BK Häcken, one of Sweden’s most successful clubs.

Founded in 1940 by a small group of passionate football enthusiasts, they’ve grown to become an international powerhouse on and off the pitch.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the team – their history, achievements and current squad.

From their long-standing rivalry with IFK Göteborg to their recent successes in the UEFA Champions League qualifiers, there’s plenty to learn about this beloved Swedish club.

So let’s take a closer look at all that BK Häcken has to offer!

History Of BK Häcken

BK Häcken is a Swedish football team that has been around since 1940. The club was founded by the workers of Göteborgs Varv, which was an engineering and shipbuilding company in Gothenburg.

Since then, they have become one of Sweden’s most successful teams with seven Allsvenskan titles to their name. The team achieved its first major success in 1966 when they won the Svenska Cupen for the first time.

This was followed up by two consecutive championships in 1996 and 1997 under manager Roy Hodgson. They would also go on to win three further Allsvenskan titles between 2002 and 2006 as well as another championship in 2010.

In recent years BK Häcken has seen continued success, finishing second overall in both 2019 and 2020, while also winning the Svenska Cupen again in 2018 after more than fifty years without a title. With such impressive performances it is no wonder why this team are considered one of the biggest forces in Swedish Football today.

Club Achievements

BK Häcken has a long and distinguished history of success on the football pitch. Founded in 1939, they have since established themselves as one of Sweden’s top clubs, competing at the highest level for much of their existence.

Nowhere is this more exemplified than with the club’s impressive list of achievements throughout its 81 years of existence. In terms of silverware, BK Häcken have won four Allsvenskan titles, three Svenska Cupen trophies and two Supercupen competitions. They also reached the group stages of the UEFA Europa League during the 2015/16 season – an incredible feat given their relatively small size compared to other European sides.

This was further emphasised when they qualified for the 2019/20 UEFA Champions League qualifiers by finishing runners-up in 2018’s Allsvenskan campaign. The club continues to be competitive domestically and abroad today and are now widely acknowledged as one of Sweden’s foremost teams. With a talented squad full of young players bearing promise for future successes, it seems certain that BK Häcken will continue to light up Swedish football for many years to come.

Stadium And Facilities

They’re based in Gothenburg, Sweden, so the stadium location is pretty ideal.

BK Häcken have a full range of facilities available, including a modern and spacious fitness centre.

History-wise, the club was founded back in 1940, and they’ve been playing in the same stadium since then.

It’s been renovated and modernized over the years, but it’s still a great reminder of the club’s history.

The club also recently opened a new office and training centre, which have been a great addition to the team’s facilities.

All in all, BK Häcken have plenty of great features to offer, both in terms of history and facilities.

Stadium Location

BK Häcken is a Swedish football team founded in 1940 and based in Gothenburg. They play their home games at Bravida Arena, located in the area of Angered which is situated on the west side of Gothenburg city center.

This modern stadium has been Bk Häcken’s home since its opening in 2012, boasting a capacity for 16,000 spectators. It features an adjacent training facility with two grass fields and one artificial turf field – all equipped with floodlights to make night time practices possible. The arena also includes a gym that can be used by both players and fans alike as well as conference rooms available to rent out for meetings or events. Plus, it houses 14 corporate boxes where VIP guests can enjoy the game from a more luxurious viewpoint.

All these amenities ensure that Bravida Arena provides BK Häcken with one of the best playing environments they could ask for!


Aside from the main stadium, BK Häcken also have a great range of facilities that are available to both players and fans. These include two grass fields and one artificial turf field with floodlights for night training sessions.

In addition, there’s a gym open to anyone who wants to stay fit as well as 14 corporate boxes for VIP guests. Plus, the arena has conference rooms which can be rented out for meetings or events – making it an incredibly versatile venue.

All this means BK Häcken have everything they need in order to run their club successfully- so no wonder they’ve been performing so well! With such an impressive set up, Bravida Arena is definitely a place you should check out if you’re ever in Gothenburg – whether you’re a fan of football or not.

You won’t regret it!


BK Häcken’s Bravida Arena has been the club’s home since 1950, when it first opened its doors. The stadium was one of the country’s most modern during that time, and it has only improved in recent years with a major renovation taking place in 2017. It now holds up to 8500 spectators – making it an ideal venue for hosting both football matches and other events.

The history of BK Häcken is closely intertwined with the arena itself. During their early years they were known as IF Göta before changing their name to Häckens IF in 1938 and then finally becoming BK Häcken five years later. Since then, they’ve had plenty of success on the pitch – including winning six Allsvenskan titles and two Svenska Cupen trophies!

So whether you’re looking for a great matchday experience or just want to explore some local sports history, there are plenty of reasons why Bravida Arena should be your destination this summer. Come along and see what all the fuss is about!

Current Squad

BK Häcken is a powerhouse in the Swedish football scene. Loaded with talent from top to bottom, they are always competing for trophies and recruiting some of the best players in Sweden. Their current squad is no exception – it’s filled with talented players who have the potential to become stars in Europe.

In goal, BK Häcken boasts one of their most experienced players: Andreas Andersson. After joining them five years ago, he has established himself as one of the best keepers in Sweden and his leadership on the pitch has been integral to their success.

Meanwhile, defender Mervan Celik adds plenty of pace at the back while also providing efficient cover when needed.

Further upfield, midfielder Alexander Ahl Holmström provides an extra layer of security in midfield by screening off passes into dangerous areas and helping out defensively when necessary. He can also be counted upon to contribute offensively too with his accurate passing range and eye for long shots.

The attack takes care of itself thanks to forwards such as Rami Kaib and Tobias Eriksson who have already scored numerous goals this season, showing why they were among the ones chosen to lead BK Häcken’s charge towards glory this year.

With all these pieces coming together, there’s no doubt that BK Häcken will continue to challenge for titles for years to come!

Coaching Staff

BK Häcken’s current squad are a well-balanced mix of experienced and young players, making them one of the most successful teams in Sweden.

Moving on to the coaching staff behind this talented team, it is clear that BK Häcken don’t take any chances when hiring their personnel.

Head coach Andreas Alm has been at the helm since 2018 and brings with him vast experience from his playing days, as well as previous managerial roles across Europe.

He is assisted by David Prutton who himself holds an impressive record for both playing and managing football clubs around Scandinavia.

The duo have created a strong bond between themselves and each member of the squad which has resulted in some great performances on the pitch.

The backroom staff, headed up by Rolf Karlsson, also play a huge role in keeping everything running smoothly off the field.

With over 20 years’ experience working within Swedish professional sports they know exactly what it takes to keep things ticking along nicely throughout the season.

Their expertise has certainly helped create an environment where everyone feels comfortable pushing boundaries and taking risks – something we’ve seen reflected in many of their matches so far this year.

Rivalry With IFK Göteborg

It’s been a long, hard-fought rivalry between BK Häcken and IFK Göteborg. The two clubs have faced off in the Allsvenskan since both were promoted to Sweden’s top division in 1981. Over the years, it has become one of Sweden’s premier derbies; an intense battle for local bragging rights that often produces some of the most memorable moments in Swedish football.

The last few seasons have seen this rivalry reach new heights with both teams performing exceptionally well on the pitch. In 2019, BK Häcken won their first ever league title, ending a 38 year wait for silverware which had only previously eluded them by narrow margins or heartbreaking defeats to their fiercest rivals.

This season saw IFK Göteborg respond emphatically as they made history when they became the first team from Gothenburg to win back-to-back titles since 1994/95.

These past couple of years have provided thrilling entertainment for fans of both sides but also serving as an indication of what is likely to come in this classic derby match up over the coming years; more compelling matches with plenty at stake and no love lost between these two historic rivals.

Club Culture

The rivalry between bk häcken and IFK Göteborg is one of the most intense in Swedish football. The two clubs have been competing for national titles since their first meeting back in 1925, with each team managing to get a win here or there over the years. This fierce competition has only intensified in recent times as both teams strive to be crowned champions of Sweden.

Aside from the competition on the pitch, bk häcken also carries with it an interesting club culture that fans from all around can appreciate. It’s a celebration of courage and fortitude which is evident both in its history and through its supporters today.

Bk Häcken prides itself on being a place where everyone is accepted; no matter who you are or what your background may be – all are welcome atbk Häcken matches. This spirit spreads beyond just match days too, with fans actively engaging in charitable activities such as fundraising for local causes and helping out those less fortunate than themselves.

This strong sense of community is something that makes bk Häcken so special, making it more than just another football club but instead a home away from home for many people across Sweden.

Uefa Champions League Qualifiers

BK Häcken has been a regular participant in the UEFA Champions League qualifiers since 2011. The Swedish football club is one of the most successful teams in Sweden, having reached the group stage twice and playing against some of Europe’s top clubs during their impressive run.

The following table outlines BK Häcken’s progress in the UEFA Champions League Qualifiers over the past decade:

YearRound ReachedOpponentResult
2011-123rd qualifying roundDinamo Zagreb0–3 (aggregate)
2012-132nd qualifying roundGöteborg vs Osijek1—0 (aggregate)N/AN/A
2015-162nd qualifying roundHelsingborgs IF vs Maccabi Tel Aviv 1–2 (aggregate)N/AN/A
2017-18Group StageFC København & FC Sheriff Tiraspol 1–4 (group stage)N/A N/A

While they have regularly reached at least the second qualifying rounds, they are yet to make it into further stages beyond that. Despite this, their consistent participation means that they remain one of Sweden’s more formidable sides when facing European opponents. Their determination and ambition could see them qualify for the group stages again soon if they continue to develop their fortunes on the pitch. Needless to say, BK Häcken will be looking to build upon their successes from previous years as they prepare for future campaigns.

Ticket Prices And Availability

BK Häcken is known for its passionate fan base and lively atmosphere. As the club continues to grow, tickets are becoming increasingly in demand.

With a wide range of prices available, there’s something to fit any budget:

  • General Admission tickets start at just 50 SEK (about 5 USD). This option allows fans access to all areas of Bravida Arena but does not include seating.
  • Premium Seats come with greater amenities like special access and discounts on food & drink. Prices range from 100 – 500 SEK (10 – 50 USD) depending on the game and location within the stadium.
  • VIP Tickets offer an exclusive experience including complimentary snacks, drinks, reserved seating, and parking passes for those looking for the ultimate BK Häcken matchday experience. These tickets can go up to 1500 SEK (150 USD).

Tickets can be purchased online via official vendors or at the ticket office near Bravida Arena before matches begin. Be sure to get your seat early as they often sell out quickly!

Supporters And Fanbase

Ticket prices and availability for BK Häcken may be determined, but the supporters of this Swedish football team are truly what makes them a powerhouse in the top tier of the nation’s league.

The fans that flock to Bravida Arena on matchdays bring an energy and passion to create an atmosphere unlike any other stadium in Sweden. Boisterous chants erupt from all corners of the stands as they cheer their beloved squad on with full force.

The supporters come in all shapes and sizes, each bringing their own culture and flair to every game day experience. From families attending together to lone travellers following their favorite teams around the country, it is clear how passionate these people are about seeing their side succeed.

Everywhere you look there is excitement radiating throughout the arena as wild celebrations take place when goals are scored by either side.

BK Häcken’s fanbase continues to grow year after year due to its passionate support base and dedication towards putting out a quality product both on and off the field. This commitment has seen them reach greater heights than ever before and no matter who they face, they can always count on their devoted followers being right behind them every step of the way.


BK Häcken has become a force to be reckoned with in Swedish football.

Its rich history, talented players, world-class facilities and passionate supporters have all combined to make it one of the most popular clubs in the country.

With a UEFA Champions League qualification on their resume and an ever-growing fanbase, there’s no doubt that this team is going places.

It’s time for fans around Sweden and beyond to get behind BK Häcken – they won’t regret it!

I’m confident that we’ll see more success from this incredible club in the years to come.