IFK Norrköping is one of Sweden’s most successful football teams with an impressive track record of domestic and international success. Founded in 1897, the team has a long history and tradition of excellence that continues to this day.

As an expert on IFK Norrköping Football, I’m here to provide you with everything you need to know about this storied club. From their current roster of players, to their past successes, and even some lesser known facts – it’s all right here!

So let’s dive into what makes IFK Norrköping so special.

History & Foundations

IFK Norrköping is one of the oldest and most successful football clubs in Sweden. Founded in 1897, it has since become a formidable force on both the domestic and international front.

The club’s golden period came during the late 1940s and early 1950s when they won four consecutive Swedish Championships between 1945 and 1949, as well as two runners-up finishes in 1948 and 1950 respectively. This success was followed by more championships in 1977, 1983, 1991 and 2009.

In addition to their impressive record domestically, IFK Norrköping have also been successful internationally. They were crowned champions of the 1957–58 European Cup Winners’ Cup after beating Spain’s Real Madrid 1–0 in extra time at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. In total, IFK Norrköping have participated in five UEFA competitions over the years – an impressive feat for a club from such a small country like Sweden.

The current squad includes several experienced players who are looking to continue IFK Norrköping’s proud tradition of success. With a strong fan base behind them, there is no doubt that this team will be aiming for further glory both domestically and abroad in coming seasons.

Stadium & Facilities

IFK Norrköping’s home stadium, Idrottsparken, is one of the oldest in the country. It has great facilities, including a gym, medical centre, and eight changing rooms.

The stadium has a capacity of 11,400, making it a great place to watch a match. There’s also an impressive club shop, as well as a club museum and a restaurant.

The boardroom is one of the most modern in the league, and the club even has its own artificial turf pitch. All in all, IFK Norrköping’s facilities are top-notch and reflect the club’s commitment to its fans.


IFK Norrköping’s home ground, Östgötaporten Stadium, is truly a sight to behold. It boasts a capacity of 17,234 and there are few grounds in Sweden that can match its beauty.

The stadium also has an amazing atmosphere during IFK games – it’s always electric! There’s no better place for the supporters to experience their team in action.

The facilities at Östgötaporten are world-class too; they include private boxes and VIP lounges as well as restaurants and bars. Plus, with its new digital scoreboard installed last season, fans have never been closer to the action on the pitch.

All these features make this one of the best football stadiums not just in Sweden but across Europe – it really is something special! And what’s more, when you’re done watching your favorite team play here you can explore all that downtown Norrköping has to offer – from cafes and shops to museums and galleries – so come along and see why this city should be top of every fan’s list!


The facilities at Östgötaporten Stadium are world-class, and no football fan should miss out on experiencing them. The stadium has private boxes and VIP lounges for those who want to enjoy the game in luxury. Plus, it’s got plenty of restaurants and bars so you can grab some food or a drink while watching your favorite team play. And with its digital scoreboard installed last season, fans have never been closer to the action on the pitch!

IFK Norrköping games also boast an amazing atmosphere – it’s always electric! So if you’re looking for a truly unique experience that’ll get your adrenaline pumping then this is definitely the place to go.

Moreover, after cheering on your favorite team there’s plenty more fun to explore in downtown Norrköping; from cafes and shops to museums and galleries – so come along and see why this city should be top of every fan’s list!


The capacity of Östgötaporten Stadium is something to behold – it can hold up to 30,000 people! This means that even the biggest matches will never feel too crowded and everyone gets a great view.

It also has plenty of space for corporate hospitality, so businesses can entertain clients in style while they watch their favorite team play. Plus, there’s no shortage of parking available either – meaning you’ll always find a spot close by.

So if you’re looking for an amazing atmosphere at IFK Norrköping games then this is definitely the place to be. With its unbeatable facilities and capacity, Östgötaporten Stadium provides football fans with an experience like no other!

Notable Players

Football fans around the world know and respect IFK Norrköping for their long-standing history of success on the field. The club has seen a great number of legendary players grace its grounds over the years, many of whom have gone on to become some of Sweden’s most successful footballers ever.

Here are four iconic figures who stand out above all others:

  • Martin Åslund – one of the greatest forwards in Swedish football, he scored 85 goals in 176 matches with IFK Norrköping between 2000 and 2005 before going on to establish himself as a star at AIK Stockholm;
  • Kim Källström – masterful midfielder who made 136 appearances for the club during his five year stay (2006–2011) and was part of several championship winning teams;
  • Johan Elmander – prolific striker whose time with IFK Norrköping saw him score 64 goals in just 99 games from 2002 to 2006;
  • Markus Rosenberg – top scorer for three consecutive seasons (2005–2007) with 44 strikes under his belt, he was an integral member of the team that won Allsvenskan titles in 2005 and 2007.

The legacy these players created by playing for IFK Norrköping is unparalleled, not only helping them achieve individual accolades but also contributing massively to the collective success enjoyed by this venerable institution.

It goes without saying that they will be remembered fondly by generations to come.

Notable Coaches

IFK Norrköping has had a rich history of notable coaches over the years, all having played an important role in shaping the team’s success.

Amongst them was Sven-Göran Eriksson who served as coach from 1979 to 1982, leading IFK Norrköping to their first Swedish title since 1968 and also winning two more titles during his tenure.

Following him came Tom Prahl, whose three year reign saw him win two league championships and one cup before departing in 1985.

More recently, Jens Gustafsson took charge between 2006 and 2008, guiding the club to another championship victory while simultaneously making it into Europe’s elite competition – UEFA Cup.

His successor Magnus Haglund continued this trend by managing yet another successful season for IFK Norrköping with a 2nd place finish in 2009.

All these great coaches have helped mould IFK Norrköping into what it is today; a strong force in both domestic and international football.

Achievements & Honours

IFK Norrköping have had a number of stellar coaches throughout their years, but some have certainly stood out. One such coach was Lars Arnesson, who served as head coach from 1978-1980 and earned the club’s first ever Allsvenskan title during his second season in charge. His success with IFK then led to him being appointed national team manager for Sweden in 1983.

Now, it is time to look at IFK Norrköping’s long list of achievements and honours:

  • 10+ Swedish Championships (Allsvenskan): 1929–30, 1950–51, 1951–52, 1952–53, 1953–54, 1954÷55, 1967, 1979, 1980 & 1989
  • 6+ Svenska Cupen titles: 1974-75, 1975-76 , 1981-82 , 1986-87 , 1990-91 & 1997-98
  • 3+ Supercupen titles: 1987 & 1988 & 1992

The most recent championship win came back in 1989 under Gunnar Ericson’s management when they defeated Östers IF with an aggregate score of 5-3 over two legs. They also won the cup competition that same year making them double winners for the campaign.

In total they have been crowned champions 14 times which is more than any other side apart from Malmö FF and AIK Stockholm. This shows just how successful IFK has been across its many decades in existence.


IFK Norrköping has a long and storied rivalry with fellow Swedish club AIK Stockholm. This friendly yet heated competition dates back to the early 1900s, when AIK won their first of many championships in 1910. Over the years, IFK Norrköping have managed to keep up with AIK’s success, winning several titles of their own since then. The teams have met numerous times in important matches, making for some legendary clashes between them over the decades.

Another fierce rival is Malmö FF – often cited as one of Sweden’s most successful clubs ever. Their intense duels date all the way back to 1935, when both sides contested their first-ever derby match against each other. Since then, they’ve faced off on multiple occasions; always full of excitement and drama that make these games truly special moments for football fans across Scandinavia.

The battles between IFK Norrköping and its rivals never fail to bring out an incredible atmosphere from passionate supporters around the country. Every game day is sure to be filled with plenty of adrenaline-pumping action that makes it clear why this team is so beloved by Swedes everywhere.

No matter who comes out ahead in these thrilling encounters, it’s certain that IFK Norrköping will remain at the forefront of Swedish football history for generations to come.

Supporters & Culture

IFK Norrköping has a huge fan base, and some of the most passionate supporters groups in the country.

They have plenty of activities to entertain their fans, like the traditional pre-match singing, and the post-match celebrations.

The club also has a mascot, called Köpingkungen, which adds a lot of fun to the atmosphere.

IFK has a great rivalry with AIK, which makes for some of the most exciting matches of the season.

All in all, IFK Norrköping is a great club to be a part of, and their supporters and culture make for an unforgettable experience.

Supporters Groups

If you’re a fan of IFK Norrköping, then you know all about their amazing supporters groups. They have some of the most passionate and enthusiastic fans in Sweden! From the newly formed Ultras group to the more traditional ‘Blåvitt Hjärta’ (Blue-White Heart) support club, there’s something for everyone who wants to be part of a great football atmosphere.

The Ultras are one of the newest additions to IFK Norrköping’s supporter family. Their aim is to create an electric atmosphere at games that can’t be found anywhere else in Sweden; with flags, banners, pyrotechnics and singing throughout entire matches.

The Blåvitt Hjärta on the other hand has been around since 1973 and provides both financial and moral support for local teams like IFK Norrköping – they even organize away trips for members so they can follow their team across the country!

From diehard ultras to casual matchday fans, no matter your level of dedication or enthusiasm there’s always room for everybody at IFK Norrköping home games. So come join us as we cheer our beloved team on every week – it’ll be an experience you won’t forget anytime soon!

Fan Activities

No matter how you express your fandom, there’s always something to do at IFK Norrköping. From matchday activities like singing and chanting in the stands to fan-organized events outside of games – it’s all part of being a true supporter.

Whether it’s attending an away game with Blåvitt Hjärta or taking part in one of the Ultras’ pyrotechnic displays, there are plenty of ways to show your passion for this great club.

On top of that, many supporters get together throughout the season for social gatherings and charity work done on behalf of their beloved team. These fan-organized initiatives help bring people closer together and give back to those who need it most – truly showing what football can mean when its fans come together as one.

At IFK Norrköping, everyone is welcome regardless of where they stand on the terraces or what level of commitment they have towards supporting their favourite team. It’s no wonder why so many people choose ‘Blåvitt’ (Blue & White) as more than just colours but also a way of life; so come join us and experience first hand what makes the IFK Norrköping family so special!


At IFK Norrköping, we have a long-standing rivalry with our rivals AIK. It’s been going on since the mid 20th century and is still as strong today as ever!

The mascot of the club, ‘Prutten’, has become an integral part of this ongoing feud between the two teams – it’s even featured in some of the chants sung by fans at matches! Prutten is seen to represent everything that makes up ‘Blåvitt’: determination, passion and resilience. As such, he serves as a reminder for every supporter about what it truly means to be a fan of IFK Norrköping.

The other rival team of IFK Norrköping are Djurgården which similarly has their own proud mascot: Difarnas Orm (the Dragon). This fierce creature symbolises strength, courage and unity; three values shared by both clubs’ supporters.

When these two rivals face each other during any matchday or tournament, there’s always tension in the air; but despite all this animosity towards one another off the pitch, they come together when needed most – proving that while football may divide us momentarily, it can also bring us closer together if we let it.

So whether you’re cheering on Prutten or roaring alongside Difarnas Orm – no matter who wins – true supporters know that showing respect for your rivals is just as important as displaying loyalty towards your own team. That way everyone involved can celebrate victories together and get through tough times side by side; making sure that supporting IFK Norrköping will always remain something special and unique!

Merchandise & Kits

IFK Norrköping’s merchandise selection is top notch, with supporters able to choose from a wide range of products. You can find everything from hats and scarves to mugs and keyrings. All are emblazoned with the club crest, so you can sport IFK Norrköping colours anywhere you go. The kits have also been recently updated – they now feature an eye-catching design that looks great both on and off the pitch.

Fans who purchase these will be sporting some of the most stylish football shirts around.

The official store stocks all sorts of goods for different sizes – from infant to adult – so there’s something for everyone in the family! Not only do they offer clothing items, but other accessories such as phone cases, flags and stationary too!

Supporters looking for more unusual gifts won’t be disappointed either; their catalogue has many unique items sure to please any IFK Norrköping fan.

Whether it’s apparel or memorabilia, IFK Norrköping offers a fantastic array of products that would make excellent additions to any supporter’s collection. With plenty of options available at reasonable prices, no one should miss out on showing their love for this legendary Swedish side!

Community Engagement

IFK Norrköping is renowned for its strong community engagement, both on and off the field. The club actively seeks out ways to involve local people in various activities during matches and other events. From fan-led initiatives such as ‘Tifo’ displays in the stands to inviting players from the youth team onto the pitch for special occasions, IFK Norrköping does everything it can to bring supporters together.

The club has also taken strides to build a lasting connection with fans through creative projects such as producing exclusive merchandise featuring iconic designs that symbolise the spirit of IFK Norrköping. This includes limited edition t-shirts, hats, scarves and more – all made with quality materials sourced locally where possible.

In addition, IFK Norrköping seeks to form unique partnerships with companies who share their values when it comes to engaging with local communities. These collaborations have included sponsoring local charities and sporting clubs, offering tickets at discounted rates for school children, and creating opportunities for young people to get involved in football coaching courses run by experts affiliated with the club.

All these initiatives highlight how much importance IFK Norrköping puts into being an active part of its community.

Latest News & Updates

As the season approaches, IFK Norrköping fans have much to be excited about! The team has been on a roll lately and is ready to prove themselves once again. With stellar players like Viktor Prodell, Isak Ssewankambo, and Jonathan Levi, this could be a historic moment for the club.

The Swedish Football League has set up an exciting schedule of matches that will surely test their mettle. Fans can expect thrilling showdowns against top teams such as AIK Fotball, Hammarby IF and Helsingsborgs IF. Plus with every game played in front of passionate home crowds at Östgötaporten Stadium, supporters are sure to get behind their beloved squad every step of the way.

It’s time for IFK Norrköping to take center stage – let’s see what they can do:

  • Accomplishments from Previous Seasons:
  • 2018 Allsvenskan Championship Title
  • 2017 Svenska Cupen Championship Title
  • Players to Watch Out For:
  • Viktor Prodell
  • Isak Ssewankambo
  • Jonathan Levi

This season promises more than just great football displays; it’s also an opportunity to witness a new era of success for one of Sweden’s most illustrious clubs. Here’s hoping that IFK Norrköping makes history yet again!


As an IFK Norrköping football expert, I can confidently say that this Swedish team has a rich history and numerous achievements to be proud of. They have had some incredibly talented players and coaches over the years, as well as dedicated supporters with an intense culture who love their club.

Their stadium and facilities are top notch, and they’ve done a great job engaging in the community and providing fans with high-quality merchandise.

All in all, IFK Norrköping is a fantastic team – one which any fan should follow closely for the latest news and updates!